Are stories just another way of wondering out loud?

I don’t usually talk out loud to myself, but when I do, usually when surprised or overwhelmed, and I’m caught doing it, I become embarrassed and self-conscious.

Now writing is not exactly like that. You’re putting words on the screen or on paper, not exactly chattering out loud, and it is deliberate, and it is with an audience in mind.

But while one part of your mind is clearly aware that these words that are just another form of dreaming out loud your imaginings and wonderings will eventually be for public consumption, another part of you is just you going deeper into yourself to create a space, a moment, a wonder to dwell in, like a daydream.

An author honest enough to do this, rather than just create cookie-cutter, boilerplate, market-tested products, reveals a lot of themselves. Which is why writing to such an author is a vulnerable exercise, a mixed blessing, a moment caught wondering out loud.


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