Celebrate Immigrant Voices on Independence Day!

On this Fourth of July, celebrate the manifold voices of America by reading or supporting diverse authors of different cultural groups. Among them are Asian Americans like myself who need your support in getting our stories out there. One way is through the campaign to launch my novel, Cybele, through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program, which offers the chance for readers to win the book if published.

Curious? Here’s how it works. Click on the link or the novel’s cover below, read the excerpt of the first three chapters, then nominate the book for a publishing contract! You not only have my undying gratitude, but you also have a chance to get the book free.

What’s Cybele about? It’s a murder mystery, first and foremost, but with more than a goodly bit of humor and romance and suspense thrown in, not to mention the authentic mythology surrounding the ancient goddess Cybele. Marteena is the young Indian heroine who has to unravel the secrets of Cybele’s worshippers that place her and the ones she loves in danger.

So go check it out, and set Marteena’s voice free!


Cybele Rena Arun



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