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Will her faith be enough to defeat an ancient menace and win Marteena a second chance at love?

Divorced and abandoned by her husband, Marteena tries to find refuge in a small Southern town. But her family’s gothic Indian past follows her as she discovers secrets about herself that threaten her newfound romance with the handsome detective Anthony. When her ex-husband is murdered, she becomes not just the chief suspect, but more of an enigma to her friends, a riddle to herself, and a mystery to the man who loves her.

Even her bookish humor and quick tongue aren’t enough to hide her growing fear. Desperate to solve the murder, Marteena fights to uncover the evil of an international cult of Cybele and its dark interest in her. But she’s not alone. With the help of Spud (a cryptic Indian sage), Maeve (the no-nonsense owner of a nail salon), and Jimmer (a beautiful but harebrained socialite), Marteena tries to stay one step ahead of the murderous Cybele.

Her only hope lies in the strength of her re-discovered faith to save her and the ones she loves.

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Mystery. Suspense. Christian romance. Adventure. All with a good dose of humor.

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